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The Law Firm of John Guidry is dedicated to defending the rights of the criminally accused. Mr. Guidry has defended thousands of citizens arrested on a wide variety of crimes. This aggressive, intelligent criminal defense work started with an Accounting Degree, then a Master’s Degree, then a Juris Doctorate, all with Honors, then admission to the Florida Bar–way back in 1993. On John’s first day as an attorney over twenty four years ago, he was defending criminal cases. On your side back then, on your side today. Now, my web people overlords (a little harsh, right?) asked me to insert some sort of mission statement here, but that takes some explaining. And, that may bore you to tears. But, if you’re interested, check out my article If I Had A Mission Statement, It Would Be This.

About The Firm

John’s law firm is committed to providing the highest level of legal representation in a criminal case. Mr. Guidry is serious about defending your rights, using his 24+ years of criminal defense experience to help you obtain the best possible outcome. Even though Mr. Guidry has fought and won cases as serious as Capital Sexual Battery and Punishable By Life crimes, all criminal accusations are attacked with the same level of vigor. Some misdemeanor accusations can be just as devastating as felony charges, so he fights just as hard.

Now, some folks may ask, “Why all the effort for a simple misdemeanor?” This question was answered years ago by famous Yankee baseball player Joe DiMaggio. The Yankees had the playoff’s locked up, so the game was meaningless, yet Joe DiMaggio dangerously dove for a ball, almost injuring himself. The press after the game ridiculed DiMaggio for his over the top efforts on a meaningless game, but Joe’s response was simple. He pointed to all the fans, and explained that those folks paid good money to witness his best performance, every time.

About The Firm

We provide aggressive, affordable criminal defense. Not everyone can afford this high level of criminal defense representation, but our legal fees at our law firm are always reasonable, with payment plans available. Remember that the best legal representation doesn’t have to be the most expensive (is a Rolls Royce better than a Bentley just because it cost $100,000 more?). Also, our law firm handles cases in all of Central Florida, including Orange County, Seminole County, and Osceola County.

PICS: First pic is staged, as I read statutes on my computer, not out of the book, but I do actually own the statute book, so it got some use in this picture. At least I spared you the boring head shot taken in front of a ton of law books. 2ND PIC: I love cake pops/balls. My mom sent me some cake balls, and what you see there is true happiness

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